SME service solutions

We provide SMEs with accessible expertise to setup critical growth pillars for their business


Business Strategy Support
Turning a product or service into a sustainable & commercially viable enterprise requires a holistic approach to strategy. A common challenge to many SMEs scaling their business is a lack of access to expertise in strategic areas that complement their operational expertise.

When we work with your business, we draw from our diverse industry experience to provide you with support in areas including Go-To-Market strategies, Business Management Services, Brand Development, Investment Readiness and Business Coaching while continuing to build your company’s own internal capabilities and capacity. 
Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)
Financial planning and analysis enables your business to set off four activities that support your financial health - planning and budgeting, integrated financial planning, management and performance reporting, and forecasting and modeling.

Financial planning and analysis allows for key business assumptions to move from abstract representation into real world financial situations. This improves the performance of your financial assets or the portfolio of your business, project, or any other investment.
Access to Technology
Technology plays a huge role in increasing internal process efficiencies, and in turn, your business’s ability to provide hyper - competitive services. In today’s new-age, and borderless digital economy, technology integration has become necessary for any business to be truly scalable.

Through our technology partner Imprint Africa, we are able to democratize access to technology for your business through innovative revenue share models and flexible payment structures.
Talent Development
We believe that the effectiveness of systems, processes, and tools, in driving the profitability of any business - including your own - relies significantly on the capabilities of the teams driving the business. One of our key focus areas is supporting you around people development.

Through an on-the-job coaching approach we work with you to build well rounded and capable mid-level management teams as well as strengthening the teams you have in place.
Impact Measurement
We are aware that quantifiable impact generates several benefits for SMEs, including access to capital for growth. Drawing from our expertise in various sectors, we support SMEs to articulate their impact via the Theory of Change framework that helps businesses develop mission based key indicators that will help refine their strategy while creating value for all stakeholders.

How can we help your business grow?