Capacity Building: A Catalyst for Growth

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When I first registered for my start-up, I believed I had a great idea and that it would immediately take off and start turning a profit right away. Now while the idea was a good one, we weren’t pulling in customers. I couldn’t seem to turn it around on my own, no matter what I changed about our approach. So, I outsourced help, and that outside perspective made all the difference. I received guidance on how to re-brand and adjust our goals as an organization, and how to invest in capacity building as not just a program, but as a key aspect of management.

Jacques Moulins, the CEO of Sofrecom says that “Capacity building is the cornerstone of change management”, and he’s right. Investing in the capacity building provides strategy design support, action plan designing, and strengthens the collective identity of the organization—essentially managing change. As anyone leading a start-up knows, especially in the current climate, managing change is essential to our survival.

With these changes, the business started to take off, and with time the business has grown exponentially and continues to grow.

You’re probably wondering…

How can capacity building help me improve my business model?

Capacity building offers several change management models that help you transform your business model into a more profitable and efficient one.  These models are holistic and address aspects like strategy, structure, systems, shared values, style, staff, and skills. Capacity building also helps your team adjust to changes by offering training and support.

How can capacity building help me meet my business objectives?

You can use capacity building as a tool to map out your goals. By weighing your capacity building programs against your business objectives, you can start to think strategically about how to map out your trajectory more effectively as a business.

 As an SME you are probably always considering these three questions:

Where are we now?

Where do we want to be?

How can we get there?

Capacity building offers frameworks for implementation that will answer these questions. Most importantly, it will help you design a realistic action plan aligned to your vision and goals, broken down into smaller, manageable tasks. These frameworks don’t just simplify implementation, they make meeting your goals achievable.

What about support for my team?

Capacity building offers different training programs that give your team an opportunity to learn through mentorship and tailored workshops.

How can capacity building help strengthen collective identity?

Collective identity is all about creating an organizational culture that is inclusive and encourages innovation and problem-solving. Capacity building can foster this environment by ensuring that each person knows their role in the greater vision of the company. By facilitating team-building exercises, vision sharing, cross-learning and other methods to leverage team differences, your team inevitably becomes more aligned.

Can capacity building help inform our company action plan?

Capacity building helps with action plan designing by breaking down each goal into activity by designing schedules that encourage productivity within a specific period of time. Firms that help design your action plan can also act as accountability partners to ensure that you’ve reached your goal within the time period envisioned.

Capacity building serves many purposes, the most important being the ability to strengthen existing structures by breaking down activities that make business objectives achievable. Investing in your capacity building programs won’t just help your company manage change but will give your company the tools to actually grow from it.

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