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Consultants with a Shared Passion for SME Growth

We’re a pretty diverse group of people, what unites us is our vision for the future.

We don’t claim to have all the answers, we believe in a thoughtful, tailored approach. We have built our culture on a foundation of listening, learning, and collaborating. All to promote greater networks, better support, and sustainable growth for SMEs.

The tide is turning. With the boom of the borderless digital economy, there is an opportunity for our continent to rewrite its narrative to one of social and economic empowerment. We believe this future lies in our entrepreneurs. We see what they can become given the right support, and we want that future for them.


Agile Business Startup

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Brand Development

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Event Management

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Problem Solving

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Business Planning

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Partnership oriented

Effective solutions require collaboration. We work with an ecosystem of partners, each specialised in a unique offering. This “big picture” perspective enables us to provide you with customised end to end solutions.

Data Informed

We live in a digital world. Our data-informed approach provides a vital framework for solution design. It is within this framework that we create tailored and adaptive solutions towards meeting our clients’ business objectives

Tailored Solutions

We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach. We begin by immersing ourselves fully in our clients’ business operations. We gather intelligence to propose a comprehensive plan. We then co-create solutions that are customised to address their specific needs.

Impact Focused

We use a three-tiered approach:

1. Driving value to increase revenue for our clients
2. Creating shared value within our ecosystem of partners.
3. Promoting sustainability and wider social impact.



Business strategy

1. Capability Analysis
2. Sustainable competitive advantage
3. Go-to-Market Plan


Technology Integration

1. Increased process efficiencies
2. Increased visibility across functions
3.Increased accountability


Financial Planning

1. Forecasting and modelling
2. Planning and budgeting
3. Financial management & performance reporting


Increased investor Readiness

1. Capacity building
2. Investor outreach
3. Pitch prep


Talent Development

1. Building well-rounded mid-level management teams
2. Strengthening existing team structures
3. Reinforcing a positive work culture.



Partnership oriented

Effective solutions often requires the collaboration of various players, each specialized in a unique offering. Our ecosystem of partners provides the businesses we support with access to a variety of strategic business services which enables us to maintain a “bigger picture” perspective when designing solutions for your business.

Data Informed

Data continues to be a critical part of today’s digitally connected world and is a key part of our approach to solution design. Through data-driven insights, we are able to create solutions that are both tailored and adaptive to our clients’ business objectives.

Tailored Solutions

When working with our clients, our approach is to begin by immersing ourselves in our clients’ business operations to understand the challenges that the business might be facing in order to co-create solutions that are tailored to address their businesses’ unique challenges.

Impact Focused

We advocate for the triple bottom line approach - working towards driving value for money for our clients while creating shared value within our ecosystem of partners and within the wider context of sustainability and social impact.


Mastery through learning

Through a culture of constant learning and application we aim to continuously elevate our craft in order to deliver unmatched value to our clients.


Our commitment to the success of the SMEs we support means working together with you right from problem identification to strategy development and implementation.

Shared value

Everything we do as Tactive is aimed towards driving value for money for the businesses we support in addition to driving value within our own ecosystem and within the wider context of social impact.

Result Oriented

Our focus is always on developing the most effective solutions towards delivering on the desired outcome.

People centered

Our drive is fuelled by our shared passion to empower entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into something bigger. Our greatest strength is our own people, who make this possible.

Kaye Matereke

Founder & Senior Partner

Judith Mwangangi

Co-founder & Head of Business

Daisy Muthee

Business Development Manager

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